Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Which Kind of Person you are?

In our lives we have to work with different kind of persons.
Actually there are two kind of people you are dealing with.
First type of people will greet you like this after dealing with them
“It is a great pleasure to dealing with you…”
Second type of people will greet you in this way after dealing with them.
“It is a great pressure to dealing with you…”

Which kind of greeting you prefer from others. Think...

Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to Keep tea table in IT office

How to Keep tea table in IT office – But that will be the worst thing of people

I’m working in an IT related company. People in the office they know about their works very well. Office colleagues are from different parts of the country, and they are from various universities. But now they sit together and doing works. Our project using C#.Net as the language.

They all know how to work with the code. But most of them doesn’t know some basics of life. We don’t have tea ladies to clean our tea cup. But our people keep their tea cup until next day. Next day after Rat spoiling and cockroach attacks they clean their own tea cups.

We have a table which keep all the biscuits and tea. Usually people took bisects but never remove the empty tin. When they open a biscuit tin they close it very rear. At the time they pour tea into cup, they always split. These kind of things should learn from the school time. But after graduating they destroyed the good habits.

These issues directly effect to the cleaning ladies and tea ladies. So Management also sends some emails regarding this. But team mates never responds to the mails.

Finally management comes with the following solution. This solution is in totally understanding level.


Switch (YOU)
Case : Last_Person_Who_Opens_Biscuit_Tin
Case : Last_Person_who_eats_Last_Cookie
Case : Person_who_pour_Tea_into_Cup

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Exact Date

These days I’m working under Indian manager. He is a great headache for any one. All employees know he is a big disaster. This manager’s talent is he gets the weak point of any one and shoots that point any time that he wants.
I assigned the existing module of the current project and there is very less time to transfer knowledge from the previous manager to me. And I have 2-3 days to access the project.

Then one day the Indian manager calls me and asks to calculate man days for next phase.
What the hell. I just assigned to the module and my knowledge is very poor about the project. OK. I took the challenge.

Then he asks me when I can deliver that.

Frankly I said I’m new to the module and I need time to discuss with the previous manager who works with the module.

Then he says he is not worrying about that and he want the EXACT date that I can deliver the schedule.
I realize that no point of arguing with him. I ask for one week.

Then he says that is too much. He needs that as soon as possible and he fixed the date as day after tomorrow.

I took the challenge again.

I deliver it on that date. (May be he is happy)

2 days later I have a chance to revenge: D

Our salary got late more than 7 days. Normally everyone in the office adjust with the routine with money. Now that routine breaks for 7 days.

I ask about the salary from that Manager.

He says he didn’t know about that.

I say you should know about this and let me know the status.

He says he will escalate to the higher management. I say No I want the exact date for salary.

Finally he couldn’t do anything. Finally we got the salary.

After that he never asks exact days from me. (May be anyone) 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

An open letter to My Company CEO

We are private sector employees. Apart from that private sector “Software Industry” is somewhat different private sector in Sri Lanka. So I’m writing this letter as a Software Industry employee.

Dear Sir/Madam,

First of all I may thank you to give an opportunity to work a fabulous company. All the employees are very happy to working like this environment. But as a loyal employee of your company I’m writing this letter to explain my feelings about this job.

Software field is challenging hardworking area. Any employee is working on this field need to have proper education, Problem solving skills, and updatable knowledge in the field. As a result of a software field job in Sri Lanka employee have to face and sacrifices Personal & family commitments, tight deadlines, Sleepless nights, Stress + High blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetic.

Normally 75% of the companies do not care about their employees. At least they didn’t get a medical insurance for us.

Most of the IT companies do not care about employees dress. So others would think they are not think smart. Software engineers can wear rubber slippers, t shirts, or even denim trouser with long hair. No one respect IT people. They are executives without white collar job.

In Sri Lanka, most of the private companies have trade unions. All the employees join it. But IT sector is totally different from private sector. They haven’t any chance to join with trade unions. No collective agreements. May be they are doing executive jobs. Software people do not have labour claims. They have to work beyond labour laws.

Initial appointment letter indicates that they offer 8.30 – 5.30 or 9-6 job. But from day one Software people are works late hours without additional pay. This is like garment factory. (But they have over time)

In salary wise everyone says Software field have higher salary. But most of the companies pay lesser salary to the employee. Company quote a higher amount to the client and pays less amount to the employee. (Yes Of course. Otherwise how can they make profits?)

EPF and ETF is in general term in Sri Lanka for Private sector. Some company deduct those things from the salary. But never pay to the Central bank. The main concern of the company is employee should wait until age of 55 to get the benefits and they did not pay it. After 5-10 years’ time company will vanish and there is no- way to get the EPF and ETF.

Job security in software field is in below level. So most of the employees are not work for a company more than 5 years. 

Now I’m in the end of my letter. I raise many concerns from my letter. Software people also consider as human being. They have a life. I’m not asking about the life. I’m not asking about the proper dress for employee. I’m not asking about higher salary or big increments or medical insurance.  And also 9-6 job. Even trade unions.
Just raise 3 things.

  • 1.       Value our effort
  • 2.       Please pay our deducted EPF/ ETF. (At least the deducted amount J ) because that is the only saving for software people’s older life
  • 3.       Pay our salary ON time. People work for salary. People have big dreams at the end of month. Most of the companies vary their salary date.

Thank you

A Loyal employee

Thursday, April 30, 2015


Happiness is like a butterfly. If you follow it, it goes away from you. If you follow faster it will disappear. If you calm and wait, it will come to you. But I don’t know when, where and What time it happens.

You cannot buy happiness. But when you spend lots of money, some time you can grab it. But not for ever, just for the short while.  You cannot catch it. If you catch it, it disappears like bubble.

Just for thought. Nothing Special.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Are Software Engineers, Engineers?

When I was in my university first year first semester, I have a subject called Software Engineering. That was the early beginning of the new millennium and the software industry also growing up at that time.  In that time all the batch mates have a dream about Bachelors of Science Honors degree. After graduating them they have to work in Software Engineering field.

When we are at our primary schools, everyone have a dream ambition about Doctors, Engineers and Accountants. (Hopefully no one has an ambition of being a driver, coconut pluckier, a marketing person on the road or even a businessman.) At least they are not thinking about the secondary level of higher position such as Nurse, Technical Officer, banker or a teacher.

But after higher school they have to change their ambitions. So I choose a Software Engineer profession as my career.

In our first lecture of Software Engineering subject first slide contains with a topic called "What is Software Engineering?" Mrs. Pradahini teaches us what is that. Then the second slide was "Are Software Engineers, Engineers?" . I remembered she teaches us it is yes. We learned lots of logics and apply those into practical level and develop final product to users to increase their efficiency so that's is a part of an engineer, so Software Engineer is actually Engineer. (That's all about theory).

After working in industry, I feel that is true. I feel always I'm an Engineer. Did lots of massive projects. But later I feel that I can believe I'm an Engineer but others cannot.  I will tell you some funny examples (but it's actually not funny) to prove it.

One year back, I attend to an alms which we organize. Before the alms, Buddhist priest talk with me and get some information about me. My name, occupation, day today works, Education level and so on. In that conversation he knows I'm an Engineer and also I'm one of main contributor for the alms. At the end of alms, in his speech he mention all the contributors to the alms. All the doctors, accountants, bankers and businessmen are there. But no Software Engineers. He just mention my name only. Not the profession :)

One day I went to meet a doctor to get medicine for my mother.  So he is asking who am I? so my mother told him my son is an engineer. Then he asks which kind of engineer. So I told him I'm Software Engineer. He says "oh there are lots of Software Engineers are there" and stop talking with me.

I assume doctors think that private universities cannot provide good Software Engineers because at that time they are not "Manufacturing" doctors from private universities.  But now they have a competition too.

One day my friend needs to get his passport and he applies with employer letter to prove his designation as software Engineer. But authorities reject it and set his profession as none. The reason they give to rejection is they doesn't know whether is actually an Engineer. What the hell?

When I was at one of my cousins house, cousin has private tuition. I cannot remember the exact lesson  That tuition master teaches them. But he says for man power hiring Software Engineers are the most less expected infrastructure people.  In that lesson he mention that Software Engineer does not bother about his appearance. They can code 2-3 days without change their clothes. They aren't expected social respect like doctors and other engineers. He told many shameful things about Software Engineers. So I feel so upset about my profession. It's actually not about the profession. Other people's view of my profession.

I know he is telling truth. Software Engineers does not bother about the dress. They are not smart wearing people. They just put a denim and t-shirt as a dress. Not a difference between rascal / robber or School leaver. I'm not insulting any other profession. But I'm weeping about my profession.
When I was a banker 10 years back, Most of the people recognized me as a "Banker".  I was a trainee at that time. But I have gentlemen look. I wear a long sleeve shirt and a tie with matching color combinations. Even I don't have a job, people will recognize me as a gentlemen when I wear like that. But this is not applicable for Software Engineer.

Most of the software engineers does not care about job security. They can start work another place easily when lose his job. So when a software engineer has 5 years experience in his career, at least he works for 3 places for those 5 years.

In this field maximum working expectation is 5 years at a place. If you work more than that in a one place that is your fault. (Most of the time, company will treat you as a time waster.)

in current society people will measure you from your dress. A doctor can identify as his clean suit with a tie and stethoscope. Engineer can identify his suit and his helmet. Mechanic can identify as his trouser and the other equipment. Even nurse or a teacher. But how to identify Software Engineer? An old torn denim with a t-shirt and wearing rubber slippers with a Laptop. May be without combing hair or long hair.

How can we get the respect from others. Think first. I think this is the time to change people's attitude about  SOFTWARE ENGINEERS. 


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Another Nut case found

This is a story about a person. Read the story. May be you cannot imagine, or you cannot think about more. But don’t think this is a fairy tale. If you feel like that, you are wrong. These kinds of stories can happen anywhere in the world. Still you couldn’t believe this, please imagine this has happen in parallel universe. J

One of my friends starts a new job in a software company. He is a senior person. There are few senior persons and more junior persons in that company. Those people recruit for the purpose of foreign project. So the senior people doing team lead role and other ones use as developer role.

One of the junior girl, she has bit experiences other than the other junior developers. She can talk English. (yeh! that’s the only benefit). She doesn’t much experience with development but she needs to show off she knows everything.

This incident happens before they are having primary inauguration programme. My friend and that girl are in the same university. When she knows that fact she wants to know he is from which batch. (She thought he is in junior batch). She asks it in several ways. But my friend doesn’t tell anything about the batch. Actually my friend is supper supper senior batch. When my friend passes out the university after that she enters to that university. J In the inauguration program she realizes that her team lead is my friend. That means he is not in her junior batch.

She got a Laptop from office. That laptop contains Windows 7 as operating system. When she was at university she uses that operating system or Windows XP. But she says “Oh I cannot remember windows 7 functions. Because I’m using windows 8 at my home laptop”. My friend told me that he is starting to use Windows 3.1 and still he can remember those functions after 18 years.

One time she got an opportunity to participate overseas training with her team lead and one team member.  That is just news and it does not confirm to her. That is prestigious opportunity and now she speaks louder in the office too. She thoughts she carried main role in the project that’s why she get this opportunity. Then she is starting to call the management and tell them to confirm the dates. Everyone wonders why it is. Her husband doesn’t allow going alone. That is the main issue. If she is going anywhere (even overseas) always her husband comes with her. She needs to make arrangements to get leave from husband’s office and apply visa to her husband too. My friend told me that in the very first day she came to the office also she came with her husband. Every time she confirms that her husband comes with her even overseas trip.

After few days later, management cannot bear-up this headache. So company is asks to provide her passport copy. She provides it. Then everyone realizes that is her first overseas trip. Everyone got the news very soon and laughs but no one tells her.

Since dates are not confirmed, but she creates lists to buy and packed her bags too. But after one month also the tour is still missing.

After few weeks news came from my friend. On her previous work place friend told to my friend what is the reason.  The reason behind her husband’s participation is her life records are not cleared and there are many notorious cases in her previous places. Lots of complaints are regarding her behaviour. So that’s why he follows her every time.

That is the reality of Miss Bangkok. (Her new nick name)