Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Are You Vegetarian?

This is my 3rd Blog post in English. Still I don’t have any comment on my blog. But it has more than 250 views. I don’t know why. There can be following reasons.
  •          All the stories based on my boasting stories. People don’t like those kinds of stories.
  •          People cannot read my English
  •          People like my Sinhala Posts other than the English ones
  •          People hate English (Because we are colonial of them)
  •          People have inferiority complex about my write-ups

Those are the knowing facts for me. I don’t know any others J

But I know one thing very well. Today post is about that. That is If you think out of the box, or make something creative or make something new or make something difference than others people always trying to find a bug of your finding. If they cannot at least they will laugh at you without any reason. 

I’ll tell you few examples which me and my close friends facing.

 One of my friends is a Vegetarian. I met him many occasions especially on Parties. When we all are at the buffet he seeks vegetarian foods. Then the first question will rise.
“Are you a vegetarian?”
The answer is “Yes”. After that there are plenty questions. Now those are by heart for me.
“That means you are not eating Chicken?”
“Fish or Sea food?”
“Even Maldives Fish”
“Do you eat cake?”
“Yes Sometimes!!”
“Ho ho. That means you are not a vegetarian. Eggs are using for making cake. What a cheater!!!”
“No I’m eating only coconut cake”

That is like that. No one will appreciate his policy or commitment. Everyone try to prove he is not a Vegetarian.

This is another example. When we are in the party people are drinking and there are some nonalcoholic people also. Here is the normal conversation between the alcoholic and non-alcoholic as following.
“Why aren't you drinking?”
“I don’t like the smell” or “It is my policy”
“Really!! That means you haven’t drink before”
“Are you drinking Coke?”
“Yes of course!!!”
“Ha ha!!! That means you are not a non-alcoholic person. Coke contains alcohol!!!”

No one appreciate his effort. But everyone trying to prove he is alcoholic.

Think if you bought a Maruti car. And some of your friends saw it.
“Shit!! That is Maruty!!!”
“Less comfortable. Is this car has AC? Can you see the road.?”
“But this has great fuel economy, economically I can buy this. Parts are lesser than other vehicles, I can park this car in small space”
“Hooo!! If you think economical vehicle you can buy a Japanese vehicle. Not a bloody Indian one. See the vehicle color. It doesn’t have that much shine like BMW. People cheating you”
“Yes! If I can buy a BMW, I do. But I have to spend more than 20 Maruties for buy a BMW.  It is ok. By the way where is your vehicle?”
“Mmm actually I don’t have one!!” :D

This is Sri Lankan Reality. That’s why we have idiom called “කතාව දෝලාවෙන් ගමන පයින්

Most of the Sri Lankan has this kind of attitude. Everyone knows this is very bad. But no one stop this. Its mixed up with the jeans. That’s the disaster in future.


Friday, February 13, 2015

Engage with Mobile Phones

Now a day everyone uses one more mobile phones. Most of the phones are “Smart” Phones.  Today I’m going to boast about my phone engagement. Those days (Late 1990’s) the “Mobile phone” is a luxury item for most of them and a Phone with a man considers as a Smart Person because at that time no one have SMART phone. But these days school children also having that equipment. J When I was in Advance Level class, one of my friends took his father’s phone to class. But no one even touches that J

My father uses mobile phones since 1994. But all those are analog brick size ones. At that time we took calls for 30 rupees per minute. My father’s smallest GSM phone is Sony Ericsson T105 which bought from Mobitel (I think that is in year 2000 or 2001). Mobitel change their service in to GSM and my father took that phone. That is very small handy phone.

When my 1st year in university I don’t have phone. When I went a trip with my friends to Mathara, one of my friends took Nokia phone with camera. That is the first ever camera phone I saw. But I’m not using it.

After that when I was in second year, I was hospitalized. After that I came to university I feel I need a phone to convey messages to home. As a quick solution I got a phone from my aunt (that is Motarola T10) which cannot send SMS too. After 2 months back I bought a new phone from Pettah.  That is one and only Nokia phone I use. That is Nokia 1100. My first connection is a Hutch connection.

After that I start working at Commercial Bank. At that time I was a 3rd year student. Then I feel a camera phone is good to me. So again I moved to Sony Ericsson K700i phone. That is very good phone at the time of 2005.

Now I have a job J so decide to change my phone after 1 year. My next choice is Sony Ericsson K750i which consists of 2 Mega Pixel camera. That camera can get crystal clear photos. I thought I can cover a wedding from that camera. (After 9 years, still the phone is working). So apparently my father is my previous phones owner all the time. So I don’t have hesitated to sell my phones. (But my father sells all his phones to others).

So after that I start changing my phones. But all are Sony Ericson ones. Evolution begins from K750i to K800i, K800i to K850i, and K850i to C903.

Then the Android fellows are coming to the market. Then I fall love with them. Sony Ericsson - Xperia X10 Mini, Xperia Mini Pro were my Androids.

As a businessmen (oh yeh. Busy businessman) I need to move for Dual Sims. I did a market research for a best dual SIM phone. At that time Samsung S DuoS is the best one for my pocket. I did that. But finally I learn the fault from that phone. Less RAM, Phone hanging there are more. So decide to have a good dual SIM phone.

Do you remember! I’m Sony Ericson fan. But bow that company is SONY. Sony Xperia C is the better phone for me now.

Technology is moving fast. May be I will change my phone again J

Thanks for reading my phone boasting.