Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to Keep tea table in IT office

How to Keep tea table in IT office – But that will be the worst thing of people

I’m working in an IT related company. People in the office they know about their works very well. Office colleagues are from different parts of the country, and they are from various universities. But now they sit together and doing works. Our project using C#.Net as the language.

They all know how to work with the code. But most of them doesn’t know some basics of life. We don’t have tea ladies to clean our tea cup. But our people keep their tea cup until next day. Next day after Rat spoiling and cockroach attacks they clean their own tea cups.

We have a table which keep all the biscuits and tea. Usually people took bisects but never remove the empty tin. When they open a biscuit tin they close it very rear. At the time they pour tea into cup, they always split. These kind of things should learn from the school time. But after graduating they destroyed the good habits.

These issues directly effect to the cleaning ladies and tea ladies. So Management also sends some emails regarding this. But team mates never responds to the mails.

Finally management comes with the following solution. This solution is in totally understanding level.


Switch (YOU)
Case : Last_Person_Who_Opens_Biscuit_Tin
Case : Last_Person_who_eats_Last_Cookie
Case : Person_who_pour_Tea_into_Cup