Friday, January 30, 2015

Start of My Boasting

This is my new blog. But totally English one. I’m not a foreigner to Sri Lanka. But I’m using international language to express my feelings to the world. I have two major concerns about to start this blog.     

  • Last 3-4 years one of my ambitions is to start an “Inigiris” Blog. Normally I write blogs from my native language Sinhala. I’m a blogger since 2006 and start Sinhala blogging from 2009. But still I don’t have an English blog. So I started this. I’m not 100% sudda fellow (White skin person. (Chinese people also have white skin but they are not bother about English Language much)). So my English is broken one. (Still I didn’t go to Tofel or IELTS classes or British Council Course).  The first condition I put my reader is don’t think too much about my English. If you can understand the rough idea then all is well. I’m not going to write any rocket science things and deep feelings like stomach ache in my blogs. If you cannot move with this condition don’t read my blogsJ. But as English knowing fellow, you can correct me at any time (When I’m wrong). Those kind of things are welcome J    

  •   The second reason is I’m middle class man. Still dreaming with upper class ;) and worrying about lower class people. Because of that I like to boast. Ha ha ha. I think you got my point. Boasting is a very prestigious hobby. But when I said it my native language no one cares about me. But I use ENGLISH language everyone will. That is our local people’s attitude. (Not all, but most). My second condition is for the reader, if you are not interested in my boastings; please don’t read my blog further. But as a non-boasting person if you feel my post is so touching with your life!! Of course you can comment for the post.

As my policy I’m not putting any ad-sense things to my posts and not copying posts from others. All the boasting based on my own experience (sometimes my friends’ experiences as well).

So Keep in touch with me. I will boast forever. If you like to read them… Stay with me.