Thursday, June 9, 2016

Exact Date

These days I’m working under Indian manager. He is a great headache for any one. All employees know he is a big disaster. This manager’s talent is he gets the weak point of any one and shoots that point any time that he wants.
I assigned the existing module of the current project and there is very less time to transfer knowledge from the previous manager to me. And I have 2-3 days to access the project.

Then one day the Indian manager calls me and asks to calculate man days for next phase.
What the hell. I just assigned to the module and my knowledge is very poor about the project. OK. I took the challenge.

Then he asks me when I can deliver that.

Frankly I said I’m new to the module and I need time to discuss with the previous manager who works with the module.

Then he says he is not worrying about that and he want the EXACT date that I can deliver the schedule.
I realize that no point of arguing with him. I ask for one week.

Then he says that is too much. He needs that as soon as possible and he fixed the date as day after tomorrow.

I took the challenge again.

I deliver it on that date. (May be he is happy)

2 days later I have a chance to revenge: D

Our salary got late more than 7 days. Normally everyone in the office adjust with the routine with money. Now that routine breaks for 7 days.

I ask about the salary from that Manager.

He says he didn’t know about that.

I say you should know about this and let me know the status.

He says he will escalate to the higher management. I say No I want the exact date for salary.

Finally he couldn’t do anything. Finally we got the salary.

After that he never asks exact days from me. (May be anyone)