Tuesday, September 22, 2015

An open letter to My Company CEO

We are private sector employees. Apart from that private sector “Software Industry” is somewhat different private sector in Sri Lanka. So I’m writing this letter as a Software Industry employee.

Dear Sir/Madam,

First of all I may thank you to give an opportunity to work a fabulous company. All the employees are very happy to working like this environment. But as a loyal employee of your company I’m writing this letter to explain my feelings about this job.

Software field is challenging hardworking area. Any employee is working on this field need to have proper education, Problem solving skills, and updatable knowledge in the field. As a result of a software field job in Sri Lanka employee have to face and sacrifices Personal & family commitments, tight deadlines, Sleepless nights, Stress + High blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetic.

Normally 75% of the companies do not care about their employees. At least they didn’t get a medical insurance for us.

Most of the IT companies do not care about employees dress. So others would think they are not think smart. Software engineers can wear rubber slippers, t shirts, or even denim trouser with long hair. No one respect IT people. They are executives without white collar job.

In Sri Lanka, most of the private companies have trade unions. All the employees join it. But IT sector is totally different from private sector. They haven’t any chance to join with trade unions. No collective agreements. May be they are doing executive jobs. Software people do not have labour claims. They have to work beyond labour laws.

Initial appointment letter indicates that they offer 8.30 – 5.30 or 9-6 job. But from day one Software people are works late hours without additional pay. This is like garment factory. (But they have over time)

In salary wise everyone says Software field have higher salary. But most of the companies pay lesser salary to the employee. Company quote a higher amount to the client and pays less amount to the employee. (Yes Of course. Otherwise how can they make profits?)

EPF and ETF is in general term in Sri Lanka for Private sector. Some company deduct those things from the salary. But never pay to the Central bank. The main concern of the company is employee should wait until age of 55 to get the benefits and they did not pay it. After 5-10 years’ time company will vanish and there is no- way to get the EPF and ETF.

Job security in software field is in below level. So most of the employees are not work for a company more than 5 years. 

Now I’m in the end of my letter. I raise many concerns from my letter. Software people also consider as human being. They have a life. I’m not asking about the life. I’m not asking about the proper dress for employee. I’m not asking about higher salary or big increments or medical insurance.  And also 9-6 job. Even trade unions.
Just raise 3 things.

  • 1.       Value our effort
  • 2.       Please pay our deducted EPF/ ETF. (At least the deducted amount J ) because that is the only saving for software people’s older life
  • 3.       Pay our salary ON time. People work for salary. People have big dreams at the end of month. Most of the companies vary their salary date.

Thank you

A Loyal employee