Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Are You Vegetarian?

This is my 3rd Blog post in English. Still I don’t have any comment on my blog. But it has more than 250 views. I don’t know why. There can be following reasons.
  •          All the stories based on my boasting stories. People don’t like those kinds of stories.
  •          People cannot read my English
  •          People like my Sinhala Posts other than the English ones
  •          People hate English (Because we are colonial of them)
  •          People have inferiority complex about my write-ups

Those are the knowing facts for me. I don’t know any others J

But I know one thing very well. Today post is about that. That is If you think out of the box, or make something creative or make something new or make something difference than others people always trying to find a bug of your finding. If they cannot at least they will laugh at you without any reason. 

I’ll tell you few examples which me and my close friends facing.

 One of my friends is a Vegetarian. I met him many occasions especially on Parties. When we all are at the buffet he seeks vegetarian foods. Then the first question will rise.
“Are you a vegetarian?”
The answer is “Yes”. After that there are plenty questions. Now those are by heart for me.
“That means you are not eating Chicken?”
“Fish or Sea food?”
“Even Maldives Fish”
“Do you eat cake?”
“Yes Sometimes!!”
“Ho ho. That means you are not a vegetarian. Eggs are using for making cake. What a cheater!!!”
“No I’m eating only coconut cake”

That is like that. No one will appreciate his policy or commitment. Everyone try to prove he is not a Vegetarian.

This is another example. When we are in the party people are drinking and there are some nonalcoholic people also. Here is the normal conversation between the alcoholic and non-alcoholic as following.
“Why aren't you drinking?”
“I don’t like the smell” or “It is my policy”
“Really!! That means you haven’t drink before”
“Are you drinking Coke?”
“Yes of course!!!”
“Ha ha!!! That means you are not a non-alcoholic person. Coke contains alcohol!!!”

No one appreciate his effort. But everyone trying to prove he is alcoholic.

Think if you bought a Maruti car. And some of your friends saw it.
“Shit!! That is Maruty!!!”
“Less comfortable. Is this car has AC? Can you see the road.?”
“But this has great fuel economy, economically I can buy this. Parts are lesser than other vehicles, I can park this car in small space”
“Hooo!! If you think economical vehicle you can buy a Japanese vehicle. Not a bloody Indian one. See the vehicle color. It doesn’t have that much shine like BMW. People cheating you”
“Yes! If I can buy a BMW, I do. But I have to spend more than 20 Maruties for buy a BMW.  It is ok. By the way where is your vehicle?”
“Mmm actually I don’t have one!!” :D

This is Sri Lankan Reality. That’s why we have idiom called “කතාව දෝලාවෙන් ගමන පයින්

Most of the Sri Lankan has this kind of attitude. Everyone knows this is very bad. But no one stop this. Its mixed up with the jeans. That’s the disaster in future.