Friday, March 6, 2015

I know the Subject!!!

Before we went to the school, at home we learn behavior basics at home. How to sit on the chair, How to eat, How to drink and even how to pee without split everywhere. Then we all went to school. In the school we learn lots of subjects like science, mathematics, and many languages, aesthetic subjects and so on. (But no one learn social studies well. Because most of the people does not know what is the society)

In the school also students learn discipline from teachers. How to work together, How to divide work load, how to treat others and how to win and how to bare up lost etc. Finally you got all distinctions and passed examinations.

Then you went to University or Medical College. Start hard life. You learn Calculus or Differentiation of mathematics. You learn rocket science instead of college science.  In medical college you learn patterns. Finding results for specific patterns. (If pattern is like human temperature > 37C, human has indicate vomiting or headache, and those symptoms lasts for more than one day – Yes that is Fever. One anti-biotic one Paracetamol vitamin C for 3 days) If I’m wrong correct me. Some are doing sports, not for university glory. But for their personal.

After your graduation you are about to start work. You went to interviews, talk politely show your talents according to the subject knowledge. No one asks about your attitudes. Your hobbies or behaviors. At least they won’t ask “Do you know how to behave in the office?”

Some times 1% of employers asks this question. Then you reply with a polite answer to get the job. (1% of Employees asks that 99% replies fake answer for get the job)

You will get the job. Then face to the new world. Start with office politics then gossips. Later start ball passing. Start bad habits with gangsters in the office. Divide to small parts and create lots of enemies.  No unity in the office. Had work stress. Start of bigger disaster.

But you still know the Subject.

You forget all the things which you learn at home, in the school or the university. No communication between colleagues. No more team work. No more other stuff.

Then what?

3rd party company needs to develop and train your kind of skills. They charge from us. Those skills already in your blood. But why need to train from another 3rd party?

Keep remember. They will not train your Subject knowledge. They are focusing on your not trained skill.

Keep Remember. You are know the subject. But you don’t train your skills and attitude (which already you have)


  1. Nice Subject you touched. well done bro..

  2. Start of bigger disaster..hmmmmm... :(
    yeah! great aiya... :)